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Turning your AI integrations into the easiest task. ChatGPT, Diffusion, Google PaLM, and more

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Decoupled Logic

IntelliNode enables apps to connect various AI models, such as OpenAI, Cohere, LLaMa v2, Google PaLM, and more. This empowers developers to tap into each model's unique strengths and capabilities with advanced AI functionalities.

Decouples the application's core functionality from the complexities of integrating various AI models, allowing developers to focus on their application's business logic and streamline the switching between different models.

Extended Functions


IntelliNode offers a range of high-level functions easily integrated into your project, including chatbot capabilities and semantic search with the ability to extend the existing AI models for new functions.

Run continuous evaluation across multiple models with visual metrics and select the suitable one for your use cases.


npm i intellinode

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